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Senior Baseball and Softball last call for sign ups More News

This is the last weekend we are taking sign ups for Senior Baseball and Softball, 

We will be at the field tonight (Friday 6-8pm) during Pitch Hit and Run, and all day tomorrow (Saturday 9-5pm)

Players 13-16 are available to play,  Season starts End of May for Softball and Beginning June for Baseball

* Senior Baseball & Senior Softball (Ages 13-16)      $100                                       

**Family Max for Player Registration                        $175       

*Players are eligible to play if born between 5/1/1997 and 4/30/2010 (for Baseball) and 1/1/97 and 12/31/2009 (for Softball)

**All New players must bring a copy of birth certificate*

*All registration fees includes a pre-paid set of five (5) raffle tickets to be sold for $5/ea. Return the stubs for the drawing and keep the money. This will fulfill your fundraising obligation for the 2014 season.

** Family Max fee includes fifteen (15) tickets.

Posted by Bill Haddad, Created Fri May 9, 2014

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